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About – ACCURO Medical Cover

ACCURO provides health insurance to customers needing cover in New Zealand. Accuro is Latin for ‘taking care’, and that’s what we do. For years we have put the needs of our customers as a benchmark for delivery the best possible products and solutions to their insurance needs.

We’ve been taking precautions and extra measures to produce quality insurance cover for our clients for over 40 years by providing comprehensive health insurance cover and personal service at the lowest possible premiums. As experts in the field, we know what our clients need, and what is of value to them. We are growing every day with new innovations and technology, with information and techniques to deliver the kind of service you are looking for. Taking care of you and your family’s needs in times of need.

Having the financial backing when you are in a bind, and needing an insurance partner that puts your needs first.

Services – ACCURO Medical Cover

ACCURO provides health insurance in New Zealand to all their customers looking out for their health. We’re lucky to have a good public healthcare system in New Zealand, but if you develop a condition that isn’t life threatening, you might not receive the treatment you require straight away.

If you have children, you know how the medical bills can accumulate. These are not cheap, and having no financial assistance in this area can leave you stressed and worrying at the best of times. By making the smart move, and joining our team of thousands of happy customers, you will see the difference in your life. We protect you and your family at all times. Our aim to to provide a health cover which is affordable, easy to access, pays out quickly, and transparent.

You get the quality service delivery like no other in the country with us. We know what the important things are in life, and allow you the time to enjoy them, while we worry about the financing of your medical bills. Contact us today, and feel the weight lifted from your shoulders from day one!

Summary of Services

  • Permanent & Term Life Insurance
  • Accident & Hospital Coverage
  • Cancer Coverage
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Rent Protection

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Level 1, 79 Boulcott Street
North Island
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Phone: 0800 222 876 / (04) 473 6185

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Accuro Health Insurance, PO Box 10075
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