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About – NIB Health Insurance

NIB is New Zealands main provider of Health Insurance. We all try stay as healthy as we can in today’s society. We eat well, we exercise and we avoid danger. However, life is life, and things happen unexpectedly without warning. All of us at some point in time need medical assistance of some kind.

Coming up with the finances for medical care is not easy, since medical costs have risen to great heights. The average man on the street will find it very difficult to afford general medical costs. NIB provide a solution for all New Zealanders in the even they should need health cover. You can get the proper care and medical treatment you need to get healthy again, with our affordable and quality products. We have a range for you to choose from, with terms and premiums to suit you and your budget. Contac our team today, and let us take you through our products on offer.

Services – NIB Health Insurance

New Zealanders can make use of NIB health insurance. We aim to help people afford healthcare when and where needed with world class products and services. Health insurance plans can be confusing to most people, we make the choice a lot simpler and accessible for all.

A lot of customers are unsure of where to look for information on the coverage of speech-language pathology services, audiology services and hearing aids, let alone how to interpret the coverage of medical healthcare. We have developed a unique healthcare cover to help you in whatever medical assistance you need from a healthcare facility.

The cost of medical treatment can leave you financially strapped at the best of times, don’t be another statistic, and let us help keep you and your family safe and healthy, and not worrying about how you will afford to pay for good medical care. Contact our team today, and get the cover that saves lives.

Summary of Services

  • Cancer Coverage
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Accident & Hospital Coverage
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Rent Protection
  • Permanent & Term Life Insurance

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nib nz limited, PO Box 91 630, Victoria Street West
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