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AA Life provides life insurance as the most recognised insurance company in New Zealand. With a clientele which speak highly of our services, we remain in the top selection of life insurers in the country. keeping our clients best interests at heart, we know that when taking out a cover you need to think long term, and in most cases, you need to think of others as well as your own benefits. At AA Life, we look at the bigger picture, and the responsibility of investing in your family’s future, and wellbeing, and allow you to leave all that to us.

With the services we provide adding value and cover each day, you can be rest assured that your cover is growing day by day, and your family is covered in more ways than expected.by choosing AA Life, you know that a huge part of your well-being and future is in safe hands.

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One of our largest fears is the debt and expenses that can occur in our passing. How will our families overcome the burdens of built up costs that you may leave behind, dwindling accounts, debt and funeral costs can add up to an extremely high value. Will your family survive dealing with the expenses of mortgage bills and credit card bills that continue to mount up after you are gone? AA Life has been assisting customers for many years, and taking the financial worries out of the equation, and leaving your family with the time to grieve and build on their future, with the benefits of the cover you have left them.

Your children are able to continue their schooling, your house mortgage will be covered, and your spouse need not worry about finding finance to cover your funeral costs, which are rather pricy. AA Life has you covered! Call us today and get the cover you need, to ensure your families future.

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  • Life Cover
  • Funeral Cover
  • Accidental Death
  • Travel Insurance

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