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The Institute of Dental Implants & Periodontics was established in Newmarket, Auckland by Dr Michael Danesh-Meyer, a registered specialist in dental implants and periodontic care.

Implant Dentist cover clients in New Zealand with dental cover when they need it most. Having a healthy smile is an important part of being human. Without our teeth, we cannot eat, cannot smile, and even speaking is a problem. Having painful cavities in your mouth poses a discomfort, and bad hygiene. These little niggles in our life can cause unhappiness, and also having to get our hands of the cash needed to sort these situations out is not easy. We may use our medical cover, but we all know that this covers a fraction of the costs in most cases. Having a dental insurance cover in place is a wise decision to make. It not only benefits you, but is a valuable commodity to your family as well.

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We are extraordinarily proud of our staff, which is comprised of caring and dedicated professionals. We have been providing dental insurance to our clients in New Zealand for many years.

Our staff have the experience and the knowledge of the product, to offer you this unique product which is a stand out amongst policy holders. Be prepared with our dental cover. Should you get older, and need dentures of some sort, how will you pay for this costly cosmetic? Without them you can smile, talk or eat, they are necessary! By ensuring your dental needs are covered, our dental plan can cover you for all these needs. Let us cover your whole family, and see to all your dental requirements.

We want to see that big white smile again! Your wellbeing is important to us, we want to see our clients happy, and not suffering from bad health because of affordability.

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