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KiwiCover is the ultimate provider in New Zealand for dental cover. Having the right cover in place for your family is important. We have taken our vast years of experience in the industry, and accumulated the knowledge to come up with the most meaningful and beneficial policies the meet the requirements of our clients.

When looking after your family’s health, you need to consider the financial aspect of the treatments they will need. One insurance cover which stands out amongst medical cover is dental insurance. At one point or another in your lives, you will need some kind of dental work. Be it a cracked or broken tooth, braces, dentures or root canal. These are costly procedure that need upfront pay-outs. It’s not in our family’s best interest to leave them for months in tooth pain while trying to find finance to pay for a simple procedure. Cover your family today with our dental insurance.

Services – KIWICover Dental

The concept of KiwiCover is summed up perfectly in the expression “to establish a protection or a defence”. And that’s exactly what KiwiCover does. Providing dental insurance to New Zealand residents by establishing a defence against the unexpected.

We are continuously looking at new and innovative ways to create a platform of security for our clients. With our many years’ experience, through the year, we have established a general knowledge of the basic necessary areas of need in New Zealand. One of the main criteria which stands out amongst others, is Dental Insurance. With the cost of living going through the roof, the last thing we have spare pennies for nowadays is our teeth.

Our medical policies don’t cover half of what is done in the dentist chair. Now you and your family can benefit from Kiwicover dental insurance. We cover the bills when you can’t. Call us today, let us give you something worth smiling about.

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