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LifeDirect offer Dental Insurance in New Zealand and surrounding areas. Our client’s health is the reason we are building up medical covers that will suit your lifestyle and you budget.

Some medical treatments can come at an alarming price, this is true especially for dental work. It’s so easy to chip your tooth, require dental surgery, and dental enhancements. These are often out of our control. Having the right cover for these situations is however in your control. Our mission in our business is to cover our clients when they need financial insurance to meet the demanding needs of everyday life. Our client’s wellbeing and medical health are important to us, and by evaluating the trends in the industry, we are able to come up with the most valuable propositions to benefit you.

When thinking of your family, and being there for them in sickness and health, you may hot a few obstacles along the way. Don’t let these financial speed bumps get the better of you. When you need dental cover to help pay for those expensive dental trips, we are here you help you.

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LifeDirect offer dental insurance to New Zealand clients with their best interests at heart. We offer a comparison, which makes sure you can smartly and transparently compare insurance plans and prices.

We make sure your insurer assess your application quickly and fairly. If you ever need to change your cover or claim, we're here to make it easy. When you have your family’s health in your best interest, having their dental care in mind is a must. Dental procedures crop up at times when we least expect, especially while your children are growing up, or when you and your spouse get older. Different essential dental needs happen throughout our lifetime. Being prepared for this is obvious.

You may not have the financial means to cover those healthy happy smiles, but if you have dental insurance in place, you are set! Don’t be left in the lurch of financial debt over dental care, speak to us about dental cover.

Summary of Services

  • Life Insurance
  • Funeral Cover Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Accidental Death Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Bill Cover Insurance

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