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The NZDA is the professional association for dentists in New Zealand. We have more than 2500 members, which represents approximately 96% of all registered dentists in New Zealand. Protecting yourself and your family from issues that occur with your health is a necessity, not a luxury. If you are ill, you need to get medical treatment. The same goes for your teeth.

Your mouth is one of the most active parts of your body. Accidental injury can occur at the drop of a hat. You could chip a tooth, get a cavity, have terrible tooth ache. What if your child needs dental surgery, braces or root canal? These are all issues that can pop up when we least plan it, as well as the costs that go with it. Are you financially sound to cover these bills at the spur of the moment? Your medical cover may not always cover these bills. We have come up with a valuable solution to our clients. By having a dental cover in place, you immediately cover you and your family for dental procedures and care that will come up.

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The NZDA provides a significant amount of information for its members. Being one of the top Dental Insurance providers in New Zealand, we hold a reputation for being top of our class.

When our clients invest in a good cause, their dental hygiene is usually ranked on top of this list. Your smile is one of your biggest assets. Without your teeth, you are pretty much unable to eat, smile, talk and so forth. The cost of dental care can be incredibly and unreasonably high. In most cases, dental care is required for an unexpected hole or cavity. What if you need root canal? This is a very tedious and costly procedure.

Maybe you need your wisdom teeth removed, this is eve heavier on the wallet! Don’t be caught with unexpected dental accounts, let us help you put your financial life in order, and cover you in the event of dental care.

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