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Sovereing New Zealand can provide you with dental insurance. We do our bit to encourage healthy lifestyles, prevent health problems before they occur, and help New Zealanders take charge of their health so they enjoy a better quality of life. We take the search for insurance cover to an end. When looking for affordability, transparency and people who know what you need, then you have come to the right place. We have a policy and insurance cover to meet the demanding needs of our costly lives. Finances are not readily available in most homes when we need them, especially when they are unexpected.

When you need to cover dental expenses in a hurry, it can add that added strain on your budget and your life. This is what we have taken into account when formulating the insurance cover to reach our clients. We have a dental cover which protects you long term, from creating unwanted debt.

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Sovereing provides dental insurance for all living in New Zealand. With this cover in mind, we did an analysis of what the country’s biggest needs were. One of the stand outs amongst the health of our people, was dental care. However, this is a very costly and necessary commodity.

We’ve been paying health claims since 1996 and in the past five financial years paid a total of $285.8 million to help Kiwis get well. As a result we paid out $60.5 million in claims the 2013/2014 financial year. Our client’s health and financial problems are what drive us to improve and create solutions to make life easier for you. We know how important the wellbeing of your health is to you.

The last thing you need to be trapped financially when your health depends on it. Don’t let the cost of dental care stop you from having the best care. Contact us today and let us make a difference in your life. Our dental cover will keep you smiling over and over.

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