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ALLIANZ provides health insurance for the best interest of clients in New Zealand. AlliANZ New Zealand provides a range of personal, commercial and corporate insurance products through selected Broker and Agent business partners. With the ability to source and offer the best possible insurance products at the best possible rates, it’s no wonder we rank above the rest.

We serve our clients to the very best of our ability, offering not only insurance cover to suit every need, but a quality service delivery second to none. With a personalised service for each client that enters our doors, we give an individual and specific financial solution for every insurance product. We are renowned around the country for our service, and are proud of the team we have in place, all giving their very best to make their clients feel at ease. We know we can help you. Contact our team today, and receive the best service from beginning to end, and secure your future financially.

Services – ALLIANZ Health

ALLIANZ is committed to healthy lives, offering health insurance in New Zealand. AlliANZ is committed to excellence in its daily business - in its relationships with customers, its shareholder, employees and the wider community.

No matter how old you are, and no matter what your lifestyle, everyone at some point needs medical treatment of some sorts. Be it a simple procedure, or major surgery, having the financial means to pay for this medical care is not easy to come up with. You may put yourself in major debt and be far worse off at the end of the day. Unexpected medical attention can come up without warning. You can be prepared for this.

The cost of medical care in this day and age is nothing to laugh at. Getting the right care can cost a bundle. Now you can have the security net of financial assistance with our healthcare cover, when you need it.

Summary of Services

  • Health Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Income Insurance
  • Rent Insurance

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New Zealand

Phone: 0800 500 115

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PO Box 794
New Zealand

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