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About – ANZ Health Cover

ANZ Health provides health insurance to people living in New Zealand. Our names suits fit for what we provide to our customers. We are a lifestyle cover, which means we cover you and your family in times of need, no matter what your lifestyle.

We allow you to carry on with your life as normal but not have to worry about the financial aspect should you endure and event that requires financial assistance. Having the right people on your team makes the difference. We have years of experience in the industry, with a devoted and passionate team who thrive on delivering the trusted quality service you are looking for.

Our service delivery alone rates highest in the country. We help people every day get their lives back on track, with our insurance covers to meet your individual needs, when you need them. We are there for you from beginning to end, securing your future with care, giving you affordable insurance for every need in your life.

Services – ANZ Health Cover

ANZ Health Insurance provides health insurance in New Zealand's clients needing cover. ANZ offer our customers a wealth of experience, with a product and cover to adapt to your needs and your budget. We aim to provide a winning solution for the long haul.

From the beginning right to the end, we will provide an end to end solution based on your requirements and your individual needs. Keeping you and your family protected throughout our agreement, is just a tip of the iceberg when joining our team. We aim to keep you and your family secure and safe in times of need. We provide a transparent solution. Getting health cover has never been easier, or more affordable.

With our low premiums, the whole family can afford to get the right medical treatment when they need it. We focus on providing a one of a kind solution to your every need. Keeping your best interest at heart, and devoting our years of experience in a positive outcome for you.

Summary of Services

  • Life
  • Income & Debts
  • Home & contents
  • Cars & other vehicle Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

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ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited, Private Bag 92210, Victoria St West
New Zealand