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LifeDirect provides health insurance in New Zealand and careas surrounding. LifeDirect has dedicated years of experience and time into looking for the ultimate insurance solutions to make life a little easier and hassle free for our clients.

We saw the potential need in the market to provide money when people need it most. We wanted to give people an easier, simpler way to compare insurance and clear up the confusion that was involved with this important life decision. In the world we live in today, there are always unexpected turns and paths that may lead to situations where without an insurance company backing you along the way, can lead to devastating events. Finding the capital and the finances to get through the tough times isn’t as easy as it once was. We are here to simply make life a lot easier for you. Covering you in times of need, now and for the long run.

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LifeDirect provides smart thinking health insurance to people in New Zealand. We offer a comparison, which makes sure you can smartly and transparently compare insurance plans and prices. We make sure your insurer assess your application quickly and fairly.

We offer you the choice to change your cover or claim, we're here to make it easy. Like any insurance you embark on, health insurance is there to cover you in unexpected situations. Having this kind of cover in place can mean more than just a protection to you and your family. Financially, it is almost impossible to keep up with all the costs that occur in an emergency. Having a sound and experienced partner by your side, means you have the capacity to live longer and stronger, getting the right medical treatment when you require it.

Children often need medical treatment, little falls, tonsils, adenoids, and the list continues. We are there to barricade the financial stress from taking over your life.

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  • Car Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance

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