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About – Sovereign Medical Cover

SOVEREIGN provides health insurance to customers in New Zealand. We have taken each year as we grow to come up with new and exciting innovative ways to provide the best quality service to our clients. We never stop learning and improving on our quality as well as looking for better products, so that our clients reap the rewards.

We form relationships with our customers and their families, making each cover personal. With special attention to each member, we have created an insurance company that stand out amongst our competitors. We do our bit to encourage healthy lifestyles, prevent health problems before they occur, and help New Zealanders take charge of their health so they enjoy a better quality of life. Life can be unpredictable, we know this and use it to come up with better ways to improve your life along the road. Call us today and get the unique, hands on approach to securing yours and your family’s future.

Services – Sovereign Medical Cover

SOVEREIGN New Zealand has a health insurance cover for you. We’ve been paying health claims since 1996 and in the past five financial years paid a total of $285.8 million to help Kiwis get well.

As a result of our dedication to insuring the needs of our valued clients we have paid out $60.5 million in claims the 2013/2014 financial year. Heath insurance can protect you and your family from those unexpected and costly medical bills that can create a financial stir in your life. Any individual living in today’s society needs to have some kind of medical cover in place. This will add to the continuous well-being of your own life as well as the people you care about. Not getting medical care when you need it can resort to a long term illness, or even death.

Having an insurance by your side in times like this can be beneficial and value adding. We focus on keeping you safe and healthy.

Summary of Services

  • Life Insurance
  • Funeral Cover Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Accidental Death Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Bill Cover Insurance

Physical Address

Sovereign House, 74 Taharoto Road
North Island
New Zealand

Phone: 0800 500 103
Fax: (04) 462 6600


Postal Address

PO Box 291
New Zealand