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About – Westpac

New Zealand clients can contact WESTPAC offering health insurance. We have the experience that you need, when it comes to finding the right provider for insurance. No matter what your needs, we can cover you in the event of any emergency.

In today world of unexpected turns, you need a safety net to cover you when times get tough. Let our experts handle your financial worries when that time arrives. Offering simplicity and affordable rates, our premiums will cater for your needs and budgetary requirements. We take great pride in seeing the satisfied faces of our clients when we can help them. Through the years we have paid out millions in claims, ensuring our rank on the top of the insurance provider list.

We continue to improve lives each day, continuing to improve cover and products we offer. Our team are available at any time to attend to your needs, and always on hand should you have any questions pertaining to your insurance cover.

Services – Westpac

WESTPAC provides health insurance and a number of wonderful solutions in New Zealand. Wespac values the discretion of our clients personal information at all times. We know that your personal lives are unique, and for each unique family we have a unique product to cater for your every need. When it comes to healthcare, we are no different in our pursuit to catering for your needs.

We are continuously looking to improve and innovate our approach as well as our products, for the greater good of our customers. Simplicity and efficiency for our client’s;

  • uncomplicated, affordable product range
  • structures to meet members' healthcare needs
  • understandable options
  • accessibility
  • conducting business in a transparent way
  • members are our number one priority
  • sound relationships with service provider’s
  • regular communication with members
  • personalised approach
  • constant focus to add quality service and value
  • extensively trained staff
  • years of experience in the industry
  • support and advice at all times
  • high standard of ethical standards

Summary of Services

  • Life and Disability Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Business Insurance

Physical Address

New Zealand

Phone: 0800 400 600 / (09) 912 8000


Postal Address

Westpac on Takutai Square, 16 Takutai Square
New Zealand