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Legacy Life Funeral Insurance provides the Cover that all New Zealanders are looking for. With us, you get to leave your own legacy, and look after your family even when you are gone. We have been profoundly recommended by some of the largest companies in the country for our client centric approach to delivering on our promise.

As one of the biggest pay out insurance companies, we are proud to put ourselves out there as one of the best. We are not shy to tell our new clients that they are with one of the most prestigious cover institutes in the country, as then they know they are in the right hands. We want the best for not only you, but the people you hold dear. Be it in the case where you cannot provide for them anymore, or in the event of a death in your family. We have the financial means and the products that will provide for you at these moments when you need them most.

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It is devastating to have someone close to you pass away. What if it was you? If you are the main provider in the family, how will your family cope with the financial obligations thrown at them? The costs of funerals and memorials are alone very expensive. To afford this you would need a substantial amount of funds, and soon. Is your family equipped to deal with this kind of circumstance? We have the success rate of claim pay outs to assist you with your future planning. Our products are tailor made to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Our funeral cover includes all funeral costs, as well as covering your immediate family with the same cover in the event of their death. The premiums are flexible, and can be upgraded at any time. Should the main member die, the funeral policy will continue to cover the other members. We have the perfect solution for your funeral investment needs. Our consultants will gladly advice you on the right option to suit you and your family.

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