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State Funeral Insurance has been looking after New Zealand clients for over 100 years. With this kind of experience, it’s not difficult to choose State, as your financial and funeral insurance company of choice. Our knowledge works in the favour of our clients. We have been down the road of learning, and continue to learn as we go along.

Providing only the very best products for the people who trust in us. To us customer service is an essential element of our business, we focus on the integral issues which our clients face when they are looking for financial freedom at the end of the day. By this, we look after you when you can no longer earn a salary to support your family, or financially cover your family in the event of your death. We are here for you and your family. Our mission is to see you enjoying life now with your loved ones, and we will take care of things when you are gone.

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We all have different needs and have a different lifestyle. When it comes to covering our loved ones with an insurance, we need a personalised approach to ensure financial soundness. One thing is for sure, we all will one day pass on. We may not be prepared for this event, but financially, we can help you be prepared for the costs involved should this time come.

We have a range of valuable products that will ensure the financial security of you and your family in the untimely death of a loved one. We can cover your entire funeral costs, with a lump sum pay out, that will cover the memorial and expenses that go with it. Your family can be covered with the same product ensuring their lives are also looked after in the same way. It’s not a topic we like to discuss, but our consultants will take the time to discuss in detail what you would like out of this service, and we will assist wherever we can to make you comfortable and happy with the result.

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