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PIC provides car insurance in New Zealand.PIC offer over 15 years’ experience in the industry. Taking insurance to new heights, we continue to bring you the best quality services, at the best possible rates. Top quality service with the best possible outcomes for our clients is what drives us.

Knowing that we have delivered a cover to our clients, which keeps them from financial loss at the end of the day, it’s a sure win situation for both us and our customers. With us you can have the peace of mind that you have chosen a partnership where we look at every aspect of your risk management, deliver the highest levels of service, offer you the latest technology in innovative updates, with continuous innovation and always provide a clear, transparent and affordable cover.

No matter what your needs, you will get the best in every direction from our team. We have built a mission in our firm, to deliver a caring service to all our clients. Contact us today, and get the insurance cover you can depend upon.

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PIC provides car insurance in New Zealand. Owning a car can sometimes be quite frustrating. There is endless repairs, and maintenance to the vehicle that keeps on coming. What if you should be part of an accident, and need major repairs. Who will pay for the damages? We have a car insurance solution to meet the criteria of any vehicle and every persons need. Comprehensive Insurance – get the whole package. Our comprehensive car insurance allows you to claim for the theft of your car, any accidental damages, and even for damages that you may accidentally cause to a third party’s property.

Third-Party, Fire and Theft - allows you to claim for theft of your car, and specified damage to your vehicle. You can claim for damage that you accidentally cause to another parties' property as well.

Third-Party Only - suited for cars that are of a lower value and paid up. You are able to claim for damages you caused to another parties' property. It is a cost-effective cover, and terms and conditions apply.

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